• This is Private Property
  • Obey all Federal and State laws.
  • All Visitors, Participants and Guests must Check-in with Event Organizer .
  • Visitors and Guests must Possess Proof of Lawful Entry at all Times.
  • Outside Food and drinks are not allowed.
  • Pyrotechnics, Guns or Weapons are prohibited on all WestWorld Of Scottsdale property.
  • Only Licensed Drivers may Operate Motorized Vehicles on WestWorld Of Scottsdale Property.
  • Automobiles are subject to search upon entry.
  • Stay in the Area Designated for Your Event. Do Not Enter Restricted Areas
  • Restricted Areas Require a Signed Release of Liability and Waiver
  • Pets are not permitted on WestWorld Of Scottsdale Property.
  • Minor Children Must be Under the Direct Supervision of an Adult or Guardian at all times
  • Know and Respect the Time Schedule for Your Event.
  • Organizer/Security Reserves the Right to Remove Anyone at Any Time Without Refund or Explanation.
  • Grills and any type of open flames are prohibited.
  • Motorized vehicles may be operated on property by LICENSED DRIVERS ONLY in the designated areas. Please abide by posted speed limits.
  • LP Media Entertainment and WestWorld Of Scottsdale are not Responsible for Theft or Loss of Personal Property.
  • Please Secure your Valuables Properly.
  • Please Pick up after Yourselves.​

These are the official rules for AZ Truck Fest 2018. 

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